SKY POP 2222


When will the game launch?

SKY POP will be released in phases with each focusing on different elements of the game. Battling and resource gathering, strategic co-op play and simulation (Build your Space Resort). We aim to release an early access (Phase 1) Beta of the game in Q3 of 2022.

Will it be free to play?

Yes. Players can play for free and earn items and tokens without spending any money. Skill and strategy will be the core elements of the game. As pioneers in free to play games, we believe a constant influx of new players will help grow the economy and provide a sustainable business model.

Who is the team behind the game?

SKY POP is developed by Epizodic Entertainment, founded in 2019 by industry veterans (former EA, Marvel, CJ Entertainment and Ogmento) with over 30 published games under its belt including blockbuster games for Marvel, Electronic Arts, NBA and Microsoft. The team is led by its Founder and CEO Gilbert Kim whose previous studio was acquired by Electronic Arts (EA) and was the creator behind the decade long #1 RPG mobile game 'Heroes Lore' franchise in Korea.

When can I purchase?

These keys along with limited edition character cards will be exclusive founder assets that will never be sold again. Additional functionalities for our NFTs will be added later to the roadmap.

How do you play SKY POP and earn?

SKY POP is a sci-fi/space themed P2E game that features a mix of adventure/battle gameplay, exploration and simulation. Players take on the role of ‘Nightbirds’ and will be able to partake in multiple in-game earning paths (collecting items to earning tokens) to establish a new civilization (Space Resort) in a world called SKY POP. As owners of the very first Space Resorts in the Metaverse, you will be able to customize, trade items and operate or rent out (landlord) your dream Space Resort however you choose.

Where can I learn more about the game?

We will be sharing updates both short and long-form pieces through our growing community over Twitter and the Discord Channel. As the central driving force behind any successful game, we welcome your input!

What technology is used to allow for true digital ownership?

SKY POP is being built on VCCESS Lynx platform and Hedera Hashgraph to take advantage of near instant transaction speeds and almost zero fees. The Lynx plug and play platform solution allows digital rewards to be minted directly on the blockchain. SKY POP will be playable in app form and launch on both mobile and PC platforms with the goal of rewarding dedicated players around the world with cryptocurrency.