SKY POP 2222
Background imageSKY POP 2022

The Dawn of a New Civilization

A Quest for the Ages. Build Your Own Space Resort.

First Mover Collectibles. Limited Time Offer.


Metacore Keys to the SKY POP Universe

Buy and Unlock Founder Collectibles Which Will Never Be Sold Again

Metacore Keys Perks

  • SKY POP content exclusives
  • Early access to SKY POP game (PHASE 1 BETA Q3)
  • Customized S1 Space Shuttle (Key mechanic for world building)
  • 1 rare lead character card (Founders Collection)
x 1
  • SKY POP content exclusives
  • Early access to SKY POP game (PHASE 1 BETA Q3)
  • Customized S1 Spaceship (Holds more characters than Shuttle)
  • 3 rare lead character cards (Founders Collection)
x 3
  • SKY POP Content Exclusives
  • Early access to SKY POP game (PHASE 1 BETA Q3)
  • Customized S1 Starship (Holds the most passengers)
  • 5 rare lead character cards (Founders Collection)
x 5
SKY POP 2222


SKY POP (2222) is a play-to-earn (P2E) action-adventure game set in a futuristic-2222 themed open world. The game will be playable on Mobile and PC platforms. An interactive and comprehensive gameplay experience with stunning visuals and an original soundtrack is in development.

In-Game Economy

Built-in collectibles with real play-to-earn utility, transferability, and exclusivity will be a focal point for the in-game economy to allow players to hold real and long-term value.

SKY POP 2222


Players will be able to unlock special abilities for every hero called "Nightbirds" and earn points/tokens through leaderboards, events and competitions.


Dystopia rules. Evil forces have obliterated all forms of Pop Culture and its history. In the Year 2222, a resistance was formed. Their mission. To free thousands of Pop Culture figures imprisoned underneath a mysterious hidden city. This resistance came to be known as the Nightbird Society (NBS).

SKY POP 2222


SKY POP 2222SKY POP 2222

SKY POP Founder Collection Launch

January '22

Launch of SKY POP Token

Q2 '22

Early Access Phase 1 Beta

Q3 '22

Partnership Listing Considerations

Q3 '22

Game Release Phase 1 Competition/Event

Q4 '22

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